Enter our Framing Competition!

Are you ready for a challenge? A chance to be put your framing design skills on show?

Then you may want to join the many people who enter the framing competition that has become a long held tradition at our industry trade shows! Framers from far and wide across the country enter the competition and enjoy the opportunity to compare their own design choices, materials and techniques with the diverse range of solutions that each individual comes up with!

There are also some great prizes on offer. So think about what your design might be be!

More information can be found here.

The 2017 framing competition is sponsored by Epson with prizes provided by Megawood Larson-Juhl.

April 4th, 2017|trade show news|

See you at the Fair 2017


The next Art and Frame Trade Fair is coming up this year on August 11 – 13, 2017, an event that will be eagerly anticipated by the local art and framing industry.

The show, which is held every two years and attracts a wide number of attendees from across Australia and overseas, will be returning to Royal Randwick in Sydney, where the last show was held successfully in 2015.

After positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors, the decision was made for the event to return to the same venue at Royal Randwick, offering a central location with easy access, free parking, and spacious, light-filled buildings and grounds.

The 2017 event has continued the practice of holding an industry trade show every second year, to ensure a high level of demand and interest. Given the huge effort made by all involved to make the event a success, whether as exhibitors, educators, or visitors, most participants agree that this is a sustainable approach that works well for the industry.

In recent events a key attraction of the show has been the education and workshop program, which will continue to be a priority for organisers this year. More news regarding the seminars to be presented will be announced closer to the event, but it is already shaping up to being an exciting program of events!

So put the dates in your calendar now: August 11-13, 2017

Download the event flier

Below: June Andersen and Cathy Webster hosting seminars at the 2015 Trade Fair at Royal Randwick, Sydney.



February 16th, 2017|trade show|

Dates Set for Sydney 2017

The framing show team is pleased to announce that the date has been set for the 2017 show. The Show will take place from August 11-13 at Royal Randwick, Sydney.

We look forward to seeing a great line up trade exhibitors and educators returning to the location of the successful show held in 2015.

December 5th, 2016|trade show|

Show will Return to Sydney

After a great show in 2015, our current plans are to return to hold our next event in Sydney again in 2017.

You can also keep up with trade show and magazine updates on our facebook page.

And we look forward to seeing you again in 2017!

October 12th, 2015|trade show|

A Great Show for Everyone Involved

After three days of seminars, workshops and a diverse suppliers exhibition, the trade show came to an end with many visitors enthusiastically commenting on what a rewarding experience it had been.

Given that it was a new location and venue for the show we were all really pleased at how smoothly it ran and how well it was received by both exhibitors and visitors, with a number of requests already being made to have the show again in the same location next time. The venue management and staff also went to great lengths to be helpful and supportive of our event which made things so much easier and enjoyable for everyone involved.

A big thank you to everyone who made the journey to attend the event and to our industry suppliers who put together a great exhibition. And a special thanks to all those who participated in the seminar and demonstration program – without those generous people that are willing to share their time, skills and knowledge with other members of the industry we couldn’t have a successful trade show.

And I think everyone would also like to congratulate all those who entered the framing competition – we know how much effort  is involved and it really does help us all to learn more about framing design, an area of our craft that is always challenging yet so important.

We have added lots of photos from the show to our facebook page at: www.facebook.com/framingshow

Thank you everyone and we look forward to seeing you next time!

September 2nd, 2015|trade show|

Framing Competition Prizes

There is still time to enter our framing competition and here are some of the great prizes that will be on offer:

A Box of 25 sheets, 40”x60” Artcare Archival Foamboard From Megawood Larson Juhl
Artcare™ Archival foamboard, featuring its 100% alpha cellulose surface and patented Artcare microchamber technology, absorbs and neutralizes harmful gasses and protects the art well into the future. Artcare™ Archival foamboard provides unique protective adsorption of compounds off-gassed by polystyrene foam as well as adsorption of environmental contaminants.
Prize donated by Megawood Larson-Juhl.

A Box of Anti-Reflective Artglass™ From Groglass®
Artglass™ is manufactured by Groglass® (www.groglass.com) and is designed to meet the highest standards, provide easiest handling, truest image clarity and optimal UV protection. The premium quality picture framing glass is the preferred choice for independent frame shops as well as for the finest museums and art galleries worldwide. For more information please contact one of the local distributors of Artglass products – G.H.S. (www.ghs.com.au) and Helm Australia (www.helmaus.com.au) in Australia or Glasslines (www.glasslines.co.nz) in New Zealand.
Prize donated by Groglass®.

Original Oil painting by Artist Marion Parker
“Epiphany One” – 1210mm  x 60mm
Oil, mosaics, netting, paper on linen
Valued at $1,900 (featured on our cover)
Prize donated by Marion Parker Art

Artists Print by Nick Fedaeff
Artist: Nick Fedaeff
Prize donated by Nick Fedaeff

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the show.

Competition entry details are available on our framing competition page.

July 16th, 2015|trade show news|

Mat Decoration with Brian Wolf

As many of our readers would know, Brian Wolf is a highly respected educator and has a long history of visiting Australia and engaging with the local industry. His book, Cutting, Carving and Decorating Mats has been a long time favourite among Australian framers and he has been demonstrating his mat decorating techniques at conventions and workshops around the world since the late 70s. He now works with Wizard International in areas including education, events, and design content.

Now local framers who have admired his designs will be able to meet Brian in person at this year’s Art & Frame trade fair in Sydney. And we have added a new session to the seminar program that will feature Brian demonstrating some of his techniques with examples and opportunities for questions from the audience.

As Brian says in his presentation description:

“No matter how the picture framing business continues to evolve, your ingenuity with matting will always set your business apart.  Mat decoration takes many forms.  Whether it is a three colour mat or an ornamental pen line, the computerised mat cutter makes it possible and profitable.”

The ideas demonstrated in the seminar will also be useful to those that use manual machines and hand decorating techniques.

The seminar will be held on Saturday at the show from 11.30am-12.30pm. Please visit the seminar program page for further details and booking information, or phone our office on 03 5975 3677.



July 16th, 2015|education, trade show news|

Expand Your Business Potential


Our seminar and workshop program is designed to help you increase your potential and reach new goals and we think you will find something for everyone, whether you are an experienced framer or new to the industry.

Do you offer a great service but feel you could do more to develop your business in a way that reaches out more effectively to the contemporary retail customer?

Then Jared Davis’ What Customers Want  seminar may be for you. With insight into the expectations of today’s retail customer, he will illustrate how to maximise sales without the need for high pressure tactics. Jared’s discussion will include ways of tapping into a customer’s true preferences by focusing on the emotional aspects of the customer experience. He’ll provide examples of existing framing businesses that have achieved success by steering toward a customer-focused method of selling and show you how adapting your business to meet the expectations of today’s customer will help you attract and keep high value clients.

What Customers Want Background

Do the challenges of the contemporary economy and retail conditions present you with uncertainty about the future of your business? Does your business need the kind of boost that would offer you the income and lifestyle you always hoped to achieve?

The seminar Growing A Sustainable Frame Business presented by Glenn Vardy, will challenge you to look at where your business is today and provide you with tools and strategies to take your operation to the next level and prosper in the new business environment. Participants will discover proven ideas and strategies to apply to their businesses immediately. Whether you’re new to the custom framing business or have been in it for years, you will come away with insights you can put to work to make sure you’re successful today— and in the future.

This is just a sample of the seminars that could help you to expand your capabilities and achieve your goals. There will also be a range of practical workshops and demonstrations focusing on the skills and methods that will increase your technical knowledge and expertise.

Seminar tickets will be available for $40 per session, with a Premium Pass for $100 that will allow you to attend as many seminars as you like. Those attending will be able to purchase additional Premium Passes for extra staff from the same organisation for only $60 each. There will also be demonstrations and workshops on the show floor that will be free to attend and will not require booking.

Click here to download the seminar booking form.

Click here to download the program.

(Note: unfortunately Greg Perkins has had to cancel his trip to Australia so his seminars will not be running this year.)

June 4th, 2015|education, trade show|

Guerrilla Selling Techniques

Think your sales need a boost? You may like to attend the “Guerrilla Selling Techniques” seminar while at the trade show…

“By deciphering consumer psychology, Jared Davis will discuss detailed techniques for handling challenging situations, such as dealing with quotes, overcoming price shock, closing the sale, and justifying a higher price than competitors. If you want to increase the value of each sale and have customers return for more—then this session is for you!”

Further details will be available soon.

Guerrilla Selling Techniques Banner

May 12th, 2015|education|

Printing and Stretching Images on Canvas

It may appear simple, but printing an image on canvas and stretching it so it has that crisp, clean final appearance is harder than it looks!

Would you like to learn how to print and stretch images on canvas and always get great results? June Andersen of The Framing School will be demonstrating her technique for creating the perfect gallery wrap at the Art and Frame trade show in Sydney!



March 17th, 2015|education, trade show|