Our seminar and workshop program is designed to help you increase your potential and reach new goals and we think you will find something for everyone, whether you are an experienced framer or new to the industry.

Do you offer a great service but feel you could do more to develop your business in a way that reaches out more effectively to the contemporary retail customer?

Then Jared Davis’ What Customers Want  seminar may be for you. With insight into the expectations of today’s retail customer, he will illustrate how to maximise sales without the need for high pressure tactics. Jared’s discussion will include ways of tapping into a customer’s true preferences by focusing on the emotional aspects of the customer experience. He’ll provide examples of existing framing businesses that have achieved success by steering toward a customer-focused method of selling and show you how adapting your business to meet the expectations of today’s customer will help you attract and keep high value clients.

What Customers Want Background

Do the challenges of the contemporary economy and retail conditions present you with uncertainty about the future of your business? Does your business need the kind of boost that would offer you the income and lifestyle you always hoped to achieve?

The seminar Growing A Sustainable Frame Business presented by Glenn Vardy, will challenge you to look at where your business is today and provide you with tools and strategies to take your operation to the next level and prosper in the new business environment. Participants will discover proven ideas and strategies to apply to their businesses immediately. Whether you’re new to the custom framing business or have been in it for years, you will come away with insights you can put to work to make sure you’re successful today— and in the future.

This is just a sample of the seminars that could help you to expand your capabilities and achieve your goals. There will also be a range of practical workshops and demonstrations focusing on the skills and methods that will increase your technical knowledge and expertise.

Seminar tickets will be available for $40 per session, with a Premium Pass for $100 that will allow you to attend as many seminars as you like. Those attending will be able to purchase additional Premium Passes for extra staff from the same organisation for only $60 each. There will also be demonstrations and workshops on the show floor that will be free to attend and will not require booking.

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(Note: unfortunately Greg Perkins has had to cancel his trip to Australia so his seminars will not be running this year.)