There is still time to enter our framing competition and here are some of the great prizes that will be on offer:

A Box of 25 sheets, 40”x60” Artcare Archival Foamboard From Megawood Larson Juhl
Artcare™ Archival foamboard, featuring its 100% alpha cellulose surface and patented Artcare microchamber technology, absorbs and neutralizes harmful gasses and protects the art well into the future. Artcare™ Archival foamboard provides unique protective adsorption of compounds off-gassed by polystyrene foam as well as adsorption of environmental contaminants.
Prize donated by Megawood Larson-Juhl.

A Box of Anti-Reflective Artglass™ From Groglass®
Artglass™ is manufactured by Groglass® ( and is designed to meet the highest standards, provide easiest handling, truest image clarity and optimal UV protection. The premium quality picture framing glass is the preferred choice for independent frame shops as well as for the finest museums and art galleries worldwide. For more information please contact one of the local distributors of Artglass products – G.H.S. ( and Helm Australia ( in Australia or Glasslines ( in New Zealand.
Prize donated by Groglass®.

Original Oil painting by Artist Marion Parker
“Epiphany One” – 1210mm  x 60mm
Oil, mosaics, netting, paper on linen
Valued at $1,900 (featured on our cover)
Prize donated by Marion Parker Art

Artists Print by Nick Fedaeff
Artist: Nick Fedaeff
Prize donated by Nick Fedaeff

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the show.

Competition entry details are available on our framing competition page.